Air separator warning light stays on or comes on and then won’t go off?


Overdriven air separator with ball at complete top. The flow should be reduced so the ball indicator hovers just under the 10.

If the warning light is staying on when you use your air separator, your air separator ‘flow knob’ setting is probably over adjusted. It only takes about 10 seconds to fix this one, but it can take 20-30 minutes of additional time running the air separator for the dysfunctional light and/or alarm to reset.


    • Amber Oxygen sensor light won’t go off

To Troubleshoot:

      • Dial Flow meter back so ball is resting at 9 1/2, just under the ’10’ (Or 4 1/2 if a 5L
      • Let unit run for 30 additional minutes to give unit time to reset

Please also check the following other potential issues that could cause the warning light to go on:

        • Air Separator should be plugged into dedicated circuit that is separate from other major appliances (refrigerator, AC, etc)
        • Air Separator should NOT be connected to outlet using power strip,surge protector or an extension cord
        • All hoses from Air Separator to Reservoir need to be free from ‘kinks’ or bends so that air may flow freely
        • Air Separator should have a minimum space around the perimeter so operation and air intake will not be impeded
        • Air Separator should be used in a clean environment with even temperatures

*Please note* If you live at a higher altitude and have a refurbished air separator, there is a chance that your air separator may be having issues performing optimally at a higher altitude. If this is the case, you may contact us to inquire about service options.

This 1 minute video shows how to troubleshoot and correct for the problem of the flow knob being ‘overadjusted’.