Does my Air Separator need to have a certain PSI capacity to work with your LiveO2 system(s)?

The answer here is NO. Typically oxygen air separators are defined by two measures: How many liters per minute (LPM) they can supply and a pressure they can obtain (PSI). For LiveO2 the only relevant measurement that concerns our use is the LPM value. In other words, how fast can you fill the reservoir (3 LPM about 3 hours, 5 LPM about 2 hours, 10 LPM about 1 hour and 12 LPM about 45 minutes). Typically air separators will have at least a 5 PSI pressure capability. Without this capability they would not be able to push air through a tube. With LiveO2, since the reservoir is not pressurized, we are not concerned about a higher PSI capability concerning air separators. The minimum PSI value in an air separator is more than ample to inflate the LiveO2 reservoir. If you had to choose between a larger LPM output and a higher PSI capability for our purposes the higher LPM output is much more relevant.