How can I tell if my valve is working properly?

Rubber attachment stretches over the fitting and penetrates over 1/2 inch for a secure attachment.

Slide valve completely covers ports in either position

The slide valve uses an internal sliding plate to cover one of two internal orifices. The open compartment allows either oxygen rich, or oxygen reduced air to go to the mask.

When the slide valve is adjusted properly, one hole at a time will be completely covered. When the switch is moved to the opposite position, the slide gate will fully seal the other hole.

Note the gate is properly aligned when the cable is relaxed.

Note the gate is properly aligned when the cable is relaxed.

Two issues may occur:

  1. When the cable is tightly wound or left in the coiled packing configuration, the control cable can become crowded against the sides of the cable housing causing the gate to misalign and partially cover both holes. Use in this position yields air from both compartments during operation. To fix:
    • Uncoil the cable control
    • Check the gate alignment to confirm it properly seals over either hole
  2. Installation or usage partially dislocated the cable housing mounts in either the valve housing, or the control assembly. The slide plate mechanism isn’t responding properly. See video…