How should I hang the Live O2 (O2-AC) Reservoir?

We recommend one of the following two ways to hang the LiveO2 and LiveO2-AC reservoirs in your home.

1. Hang the reservoir vertically on a wall using the adhesive wall hooks provided (or use any alternate hardware desired) using the plastic D-rings attached to the tabs at the top end of the reservoir.

  • If utilizing this method with the Command hooks provided, please wipe the area of the wall where you will be attaching the hooks with a cotton swab saturated with isopropyl alcohol or a wet washcloth to remove any dust that might compromise the adhesive hook’s longterm ability to stay fastened to the wall. Let dry thoroughly before attaching the hooks. This will enable you to make a solid attachment with the hooks provided. If you use nails or metal hooks that you purchase yourself, this is not necessary.

2. Purchase a reservoir frame from us. This frame stands on its own and can be moved.

*If neither of these recommended methods work for you, you may decide to ‘get creative’,  but please note that we can not guarantee the operation of your product if used in a way that is not recommended, nor can we warranty your product if any damage occurs to the unit when used outside of our guidelines. A few items to note:

  • Take care not to puncture the reservoir. It is designed to contain the oxygen and any holes poked through the bag would damage the reservoir’s ability to do this.
  • The breather hose attachment valve must be located on a lateral side or the bottom of the reservoir (if you choose to hang it sideways).