How do I make my LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast system quieter? (orange muffler installation)

We have customized a solution to significantly reduce the noise of the LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast system. This solution may apply to the Navy Blue ExtremeO2 reservoirs as well as the Navy Blue LiveO2 AC reservoirs. The solution is one simple piece, which attaches to the end of the high altitude hose located inside the high altitude section (low oxygen side) of the reservoir.

Step One:

Hold the corner of the reservoir and the high altitude oxygen feed hose in one hand.

Step Two:

Using your other hand, access the end of the hose inside the reservoir, through the 3″ port (along the bottom seam of the reservoir on the high altitude side).

Step Three:

With access to the open end of the high altitude hose, install the muffler directly into hose. The included adaptor will be needed to fit a smaller inner-diameter hose than the one shown in the pictures.

Step Four:

Finish by returning the high altitude hose completely back inside the high altitude reservoir with the muffler securely attached.

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