How do I set up the Live O2 (O2-AC) reservoir frame?

The reservoir frame can be thought of in three pieces: the two legs and the crossbar.

The two legs are tripods at one end with a single vertical extension piece at the other. To achieve your desired height, the legs can be adjusted in the tripod itself, as well as two locations on the vertical extension piece.

The crossbar comes in two pieces which you will need to connect with each other in the center.

Attach the crossbar to the legs using the metal wing nut and bolt at the top of each leg. Here there will be a wing nut, a bolt, and two metal washers on the top of each leg. Place the lateral crossbar holes onto the bolts at the top of the legs with a metal washer on either side and tighten together with the wing nut.

Attach the reservoir to the corners of your now assembled frame with the D-rings on the reservoir and the S-hooks that are included. Use your LiveO2 or LiveO2-AC system. Enjoy!