How does the silicone mask strap work?

To fit the mask, place the large rectangle at the center of the silicone piece at the back of your head and bring the straps around each side from back to front, attaching the hole at the end of each silicone strap to the corresponding raised spoke on the front of the mask. Adjust as needed to individual head size to keep the mask securely in place. Straps can be attached from back to front linearly (top strap to top spoke and bottom strap to bottom spoke on the right and then again on the left side), or, crisscross the straps on each side as they come around the back of the head and attach the top strap to the bottom spoke and bottom strap to top spoke for a more secure fit and less slippage. Place the center of the silicone strap on or above the hair when using the LiveO2 equipment, as wearing the silicone strap underneath the bulk of hair will often lead to the mask slipping on the face during the exercise protocol. People with long hair may consider pulling a pony tail or bun through the large whole in the center of the silicon strap for added stability.

mask pic1mask pic 2

We hope that you too will enjoy the improved features of the new style mask.