How is air filtered in your systems and what is the required maintenance for my Air Separator?

For the 5L AirSep (air separator), there is no maintenance schedule. These units do not have the ‘hepa’ filter that many separators utilize and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Our 5L AirSep units require nothing to be removed or changed; they are maintenance free and the technology of the unit has been created to be self-cleaning.

For the modified 10L AirSep, there is an external filter that requires maintenance. There is a foam like filter on the back of the 10L AirSep units. Remove this filter and wash in warm water with mild soap. Allow filter to dry completely in the open air. Replace in AirSep unit before use. AirSep recommends cleaning the filter monthly. Depending on your household living conditions (pets, smokers, dust, etc) you may choose to clean your filter more often.