How much space does the system require?

LiveO2 Setup

LiveO2 Setup – A 7×7 space is about typical, but that depends mostly on the space used by the exercise equipment.

The LiveO2 reservoir hangs on a wall in a 5×7 ft open wall space.  While empty it’s flat, full it is about 2 ft thick.  

Any stationary equipment which is physically appropriate to the user will work.  

We find “stationary bicycles” preferable for public use:

  • They accommodate a wide range of users abilities;
  • They are stable for most physically challenged users;
  • High quality units, like Keiser M3+, creates an exemplary user experience.

Any equipment capable of getting the heart rate up will work, but it’s preferable to be able to “challenge” the user to at least 80% of their age-appropriate heart rate*.  

*Always check with your licensed health care provider before starting this or any exercise program. These general guidelines are not intended to replace the advice of your health care practitioner.

For athletes, whole body workout equipment is preferable, like a versa-climber.

Also, consider adding a “sauna” to your workout to exploit detoxification with sweat immediately after using LiveO2, while in the super-oxygenated state.  

** Frame and bicycle not included.