How often should I be using the LiveO2 System?

The question of how often to use the LiveO2 system is best answered by considering the following guidelines :

Guideline #1 – You can’t get it wrong, so be easy with the approach and the process. Honor your own body and where your physical threshold lies. Everyone’s physiology and level of wellness is unique, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ recipe for using the LiveO2 training system. The effects of oxygen training are cumulative and therefore whether one is using the system daily or weekly, most users can expect to experience continued benefits.

Guideline #2 – Tune in and listen to your body. Consider your personal level of wellness as well as your current energy levels when deciding frequency of use. Often, those in a physically compromised condition are not operating at the same physical level as someone who feels in the prime of health. Some users have reported experiencing a ‘detox event’ when using LiveO2, in essence ‘feeling worse before feeling better’. A ‘detox event’ can manifest in a number of ways, including a feeling of fatigue etc after use or noticing a change in perceived oxygen available to the body during use. Refer to the post ‘Am I just detoxing?’  for suggestions to minimize a potential ‘detox event’. **Remember to ALWAYS consult your health care practitioner before beginning this or any exercise program.**

**Note: LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC systems are strictly designed for a maximum 15 minute session. LiveO2 systems are not intended for use beyond 15 minutes in one single session.