How to re-seat the front panel on a 10L air separator

Sometimes the panels of the 10L air separator will arrive slightly dislodged from their proper position due to vibration during shipping.

If your 10L air separator arrives with the front panel askew, the following instructions will guide you to reinsert it correctly.

  1. Remove the side panels using either a flathead screwdriver or a coin. Note that the panels are secured with quarter-turn fasteners which require only a ¼ of a turn. Do not force!
  2. Re-Insert the front panel. Bend the front panel slightly if necessary to reinsert it into the tracks it was designed to be seated in.
  3. Replace both side panels. Before tightening, be sure they are lined up with the inner grooves at the base of insertion.
  4. Tighten side panels using the quarter-turn fasteners.
  • 10L AirSep with Dislodged Front Panel

  • Turn the side panel mounting screws 1/4 turn. Do not use force!

  • Remove the side panels on both sides.

  • With the side panels removed, the front panel can now be removed and re-seated.

  • Some pressure may be required to re-seat the front panel.

  • Replace the side panels and tighten the 1/4-turn screws.