How to troubleshoot cannot desaturate

Some customers have issues desaturating with the system.  This is a bit tricky because there are several possible issues including the customers physiology.  This process checks for every possible system failure.

Here is the flow to determine whether difficulty with desaturation is a system issue a physiology issue with the user.

  1. Does the valve latch into position when switching from +O2 to -O2.  The latch assures that the air supply is drawing from the -O2 compartment and that the switch positively latched.  If the latch does not “lock” into position contact customer service.  There is an audible positive latch which pulls the handset into position.
  2. Check the Float Ball Position to 10L.  It should be adjusted to 10L.  It should be adjusted at 10L and not pegged at the top, or below 10L for maximum efficiency.  Below removes less oxygen from the air and results in a higher concentration  in the -O2 air.  Above overdrives the air separation process and likewise results in a higher oxygen concentration in the -O2 air.
  3. Check the amber light.  It should go off after 10 minutes.   If the air separator is not working properly it will fail to remove oxygen from the -O2 air.  The oxygen concentration in the -O2 air be high, and the oxygen concentration +O2 air will be low.  If the amber light is remains on more than 10 minutes contact customer service.
  4. If you are still having problems disconnect the breather hose and insert it into the overflow release port.  This isolates the air supply to only -O2 bypassing the oxygen reservoir and valve.   Exercise breathing this air.   If you succeed desaturate with this configuration please contact customer service.
  5. If you are unable to desaturate breathing this air mixture then the issue relates to your physiology.