I feel difficulty breathing with LiveO2 or ExtremeO2 when I first begin – Is this normal?

Yes –  for about 1 of 5 people and the reason why is probably very different than what you’d think.

LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC systems deliver about 4 times more oxygen than your body normally gets. This is a lot of oxygen.

Here’s what usually happens:

  1. When you get on the system and install the mask, but before you start to exercise, you’ll take a few breaths to see if you’re getting air. Usually you’ll notice a little extra draw resistance during inhale because you’re breathing through a six foot tube. Within a few seconds your body adapts and you don’t notice it anymore – there’s plenty of air.
  2. After you’re comfortable you’ll start to exercise, but because the experience is new, you’ll wonder if you’re getting air because it all feels different.
  3. As you increase your exercise, and start to work a little bit, some people begin to “feel” they aren’t getting enough air. This is the beginning of their detox and it often begins within 30 seconds for about 1 in 5 people, and usually subsides within about 3 minutes. This sensation often but not always coincides with a DROP in O2 saturation to about 80-90%.

We speculate this occurs because for either of two reasons:

  • First, it is a “re-saturation” dip that occurs as the oxygen hungry tissue pulls the surplus oxygen in the blood and “depletes” blood-bound oxygen from hemoglobin. This induces a sense of respiratory depletion or hypoxia, enabled by surplus oxygen. The sensation persists until the stores are replenished and then passes, usually within 1-3 minutes.
  • Second, as a core-system toxin  “dump”. When oxygen rich plasma hits the core organs, liver, spleen, etc., inflammation reverses and stored toxins enter the blood stream. These toxins interfere with oxygen transport, causing a “sense” of respiratory insufficiency until the body’s filters, the liver and kidneys, are able to filter out the sludge.
  • The natural reflex during these experiences is to clear the airway by removing the mask. This doesn’t work because returning to normal air reduces the oxygen supply, which  is enabling the detox, to about 1/4th. In other words, removing the mask makes the sense of “air hunger” worse. The best solution is to stop exercising and breathe until you recover. Your body is doing what it needs to do.
  • A sense of restored metabolism usually coincides with the O2 saturation level as the detox, or replenishment, completes, the O2 saturation rises rapidly to 97, and then 99%. From this point, it is virtually impossible for the person to exercise hard enough to reduce O2 saturation below 99%.

After this initial phase, the body starts to feel normal again, usually within about five minutes, and begins to feel like normal exercise described in the First Time Protocol.

Please Note- it is not uncommon for a new LiveO2 user to have the expectation that the oxygen should be noticeably flowing from the mask, however this is not the case. Part of the benefit of LiveO2 is directly related to the strengthening of the intercostal muscles as the user actively draws the oxygen from the reservoir during use.