I feel like I can’t breathe when using the LiveO2 system- Am I just ‘detoxing’?

Some users of the LiveO2 or LiveO2 AC system have reported experiencing a shortness of breath while using the system. Barring any functional issues with the operation of the system to rule out functionality issues, the following guidelines are intended to help users of the LiveO2 system plan an approach that will work best given individual needs.

In certain instances, a ‘detox effect’ has reportedly been experienced by some individuals when using the LiveO2 or LiveO2 AC system. A ‘detox effect’ may manifest in a number of different ways, including noticing a change in perceived oxygen available to the body while using the system and/or possibly a feeling of fatigue afterward.

Depending on the individual, some users have found that beginning with 5 minute sessions may help to minimize the physiological impact of a possible ‘detox event’. Then, when feeling physically ready, users may choose to increase their session time by one minute increments until the maximum protocol of 15 minutes is able to be comfortably performed. **Remember to ALWAYS consult your health care practitioner before beginning this or any exercise program.**

If you believe that you may be a candidate for experiencing a ‘detox event’, the following suggestions may be helpful when planning frequency of use with the LiveO2 system:

  1. Start slow — Some users have found that doing a five minute session and then gauging how they feel afterward was an ideal way to start using the system while minimizing what was perceived as a ‘detox effect’.  Many of those users also found that by increasing subsequent sessions in one minute increments as they felt stronger over time was a good way to ‘ramp up’ to what their body was most comfortable with, and a good way to avoid a ‘detox overload’.
  2. Be easy with the process — Many people are ready to ‘attack’ the LiveO2 training protocol and in their determination to get the most out of their system express a desire to use the system two or more times a day. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is again important to emphasize that the user will be best served to listen to their own body, honor it as it feels today, and increase the number of sessions per day/week/month as well as the amount of time of each session at such time as they feel comfortable and physically able to do so.

When in doubt, always listen to your body and always go at the pace that feels right for you.

**Note: LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC systems are strictly designed for a maximum 15 minute session. LiveO2 systems are not intended for use beyond 15 minutes in one single session.