I live outside the US; should I purchase my Air Separator through WHN when I order my system or look for it locally?

WHN provides an option to special order the Air Separator that is used with the LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC systems directly from the manufacturer so it will come with the correct voltage plug designed for your local region. The cost is an additional $200 for our international systems but this assures that your Air Separator will work optimally with local voltage requirements.

Purchasing our total systems including the concentrator may be more cost-effective than buying locally even with the increased shipping charges. However, WHN is not able to cover shipping for warranty issues with Air Separators that are shipped outside of the continental US. To consider what is the best option for you personally, it is possible you can get an Air separator purchased through WHN serviced locally at your own expense, but you would need to look into it to see if that is indeed a viable option.