Is it possible to cause oxidative stress to lungs with LiveO2 or ExtremeO2?

Oxidative Stress to Lungs

The LiveO2 and ExtremeO2 equipment is not capable of delivering enough oxygen for long enough to damage lungs or cause oxygen toxicity.

There are two documented situations where low pressure oxygen can cause harm:

At normal pressure, the medically accepted threshold for oxidative stress to the lungs requires oxygen in excess of 95% exceeding 4 hours in the most sensitive individuals, with symptoms typically appearing after 14 hours. See: Bench to Bedside Review: Oxygen as a Drug

LiveO2 is capable of high levels 50 l/min for about 15 minutes. This use is far below both thresholds for oxidative stress:

  • The concentration of oxygen is at about 80%
  • The duration is oxygen use is for 15 minutes maximum until consumption exhausts the reservoir, and use must stop.

All systems, including LiveO2, can only deliver oxygen well within known safe levels, of both time and duration.