Is there any need to change the filter inside the LiveO2, LiveO2-AC or in the air separators?

The AirSep 5L air separators are very tiny pored air filtration devices already, so they will filter environmental contaminants from both the oxygen and altitude feeds. There is no need for any maintenance with the AirSep 5L air separators nor are there any filters to be changed.

For the modified 10L AirSep, there is an external filter that requires maintenance. There is a foam like filter on the back of the 10L AirSep units. Remove this filter and wash in warm water with mild soap. Allow filter to dry completely in the open air. Replace in AirSep unit before use. AirSep recommends cleaning the filter monthly. Depending on your household living conditions (pets, smokers, dust, etc.) you may choose to clean your filter more often.

As far as the LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC Reservoirs, they are built with an internal carbon sock filter inside which serves two roles:

  1. It separates and holds the reservoir away from the intake tube to prevent the reservoir from collapsing around the tube to prevent cavitation until the reservoir is empty.
  2. It serves as a filter to absorb any contaminants that may occur post-manufacture.

The internal filter does not need to be changed since it exists in a closed environment between the air separator, and there is no opportunity for contamination post manufacture.