It doesn’t feel like I am getting any oxygen and I’ve tried using it with and without the compressor on. What am I doing wrong?

Setting the correct expectation by understanding the full spectrum of benefits delivered via LiveO2:

Some new users expect that the LiveO2 or LiveO2 AC system will forcefully deliver a discernible oxygen stream to the user through the mask. Not so. By design, one of the benefits of using the LiveO2 system is the strengthening of the intercostal and related lung muscles used to actively ‘draw’ the oxygen-rich air from the reservoir during use. Understanding this benefit is key to having the proper expectation of what the experience will be like when using LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC.

Troubleshooting Checklist: If you feel you aren’t able to breathe easily when the system:

  • Make sure all hoses and connections are intact.
  • Make sure the reservoir has been filled properly.
  • Make sure your inflow and outflow (green or opaque) rubber ‘check valves’ on your mask are in proper place. Meaning, the one that is on top should be positioned to easily open and pull in when you breathe, allowing you to take oxygen in through the corrugated breather hose from the reservoir. The bottom one should be positioned to easily go out when you exhale, allowing you to expel the air into the room when you breathe out. If one of them is ‘hung up’ on the plastic retainers that keep them in place, that could obstruct air flow. To test this, put the mask on and try breathing through it at rest while the mask is detached from all hoses etc.
  • Make sure you can draw through the corrugated ‘breather hose’ that extends from the reservoir when you put your mouth directly to it. Try this when the reservoir is full.
  • Make sure your ‘switch’ is set to ‘O2+’ when you are using the machine in ‘Live’ mode as this allows you to draw the rich oxygen from the larger part of the reservoir, as opposed to the ‘-O2’ setting which puts you in a simulated high altitude state which reduces the oxygen partial pressure of your air for a specific period of time during your training, and for the sprints during your protocols. If none of the above is the issue, please review the following post :