My system fills up very quickly – is that good?

Click Here for13754320_s instructions on how to adjust the slide gate.

My LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast system filled in about 30 minutes when the manual says it should fill in about an hour.

This occurs when the slide valve is misaligned. Note that the panel does not cover the hole:

Slide valve does not cover oxygen port. Cable is relaxed.

Slide valve does not cover oxygen port. Cable is relaxed.

The gap over the hole on the left allows low oxygen air to enter the high oxygen compartment when the High Altitude compartment pressurizes. This reduces the concentration of oxygen in the compartment, and  causes the oxygen side to fill more quickly.

If this occurs, don’t worry. The problem is easy to fix, and tests show systems that had this issue still worked very well.  Users never even notice a reduced response because they still are exercising with only 30-50 Liters per minute of oxygen instead of 75+.

This can also occur when the cable is pulled too hard.

*It is important not to overdrive your air separator. For specific instructions on setting your oxygen separator’s flow rate meter, follow this link:

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