Can I fill my reservoir now and use it later? Will it hold the oxygen? For how long?

The oxygen reservoirs for the LiveO2 systems are designed to be used while the air separator is running. When the reservoir is full, it is ready for use. If the air separator is off, or if the reservoir is full, the reservoir is designed to slowly release oxygen as to avoid damaging the reservoir from stretching or popping, and to ensure the user has optimum oxygen for a LiveO2 session. If you have to delay your Live O2 session for a short time, the reservoir will maintain some of the oxygen that has been generated, as the designed deflation is slow. If you do want to store air, for LiveO2 systems simply detach the mask from the breather hose and put in the ‘cork’ to prevent most of the air from leaking out, for LiveO2 AC systems simply set your manual valve switch to the ‘-O2 position’ to prevent most of the air from leaking out. For either system, when you are ready to use your system, simply turn on your air separator and “top off” the reservoir to full before use. It is recommended to leave your air separator ON while you are using your system.

Oxygen may be stored and retained in the reservoir for a few hours without losing a significant amount of the oxygen from the reservoir. The reservoir is lined with a gas vapor barrier which retains the oxygen in the reservoir.

When left for a day, the pressure on the sides will cause the reservoir to deflate through tiny openings.

If your reservoir remains inflated for longer, the oxygen should remain there. That said, our recommendation is to “top off” the reservoir by running the air separator before use if it’s been sitting for more than 12 hours.