Proper care and usage of your air separator for optimum results

Establish the ideal air separator environment:

  • Place in a clean environment – no fumes, dust/dirt (not in a garage)
  • Make sure the environment is dry – use in lowest humidity possible
  • A moderate temperature is ideal – not too hot or too cold
  • Plug air separator directly into the wall outlet (do not use power strip or extension cord). This will negatively affect your system.

Set Proper Flow Rate:

  • For proper use of he air separator, it is important that the flow rate is set to the correct capacity (‘5′ for a 5LPM separator and ’10’ for a 10LPM separator). Having the flow meter set above or below the correct setting compromises the air production capacity of the machine. Be sure to set your flow rate meter exactly at the correct flow rate number for your separator model for optimum use.
  • How to set the proper flow meter rate:
    • Adjust the flow meter knob so that the top of the ball rests at either ‘5’ or ’10’, depending on the capacity of the separator that you are using.
    • Allow the separator to run for 20-30 minutes. Any alarms or low O2 lights should be normal/not engaged at this point.
    • When the separator has for equilibrium, with the top of the output ball floating at exactly the correct output number, you may resume use.


  • Humidifier – Do Not Use a humidifier with your LiveO2 system

  • Clean your filters