What if my Air Separator purchased from WHN is having an issue but is now out of Warranty?

For air separators that are out of their initial warranty period, the Whole Health Network offers the following service and repair options for 5L and 10L air separators purchased through the Whole Health Network.

For a minimum service charge of $60 (plus the cost of shipping and handling both ways), customers can send in their out of warranty air separator for service and evaluation to the WHN Fulfillment and Service center.

Customers should first contact a representative from the Whole Health Network to obtain a Service Request Number (SRN). Customers should write the SRN clearly and visibly on the outside of the box that the Air Separator is being returned in.

Because of the sensitive nature of shipping such a heavy item, if the original box and packing materials that the air separator came in/with are no longer available or if they are otherwise no longer suitable for return shipping, WHN requires that any air separator being returned be brought to a professional shipping carrier (such as Fedex or UPS) to be professionally packaged in such a way that guarantees that no further damage will be incurred during the shipping process.

For the base service charge of $60, WHN will perform a diagnostic evaluation on the unit as well as perform related service maintenance on the air separator and applicable parts (checking and cleaning of filters etc). If the fix is relatively simple and involves only the most basic parts to repair and restore the air separator to its optimal function, the customer can expect to pay no other charge beyond the $60 (plus S&H both ways). If the fix requires more time intensive labor and/or more costly replacement parts to restore the unit to optimal function, the Whole Health Network will charge $60 per hour plus the cost of any necessary parts. Any further service charges beyond the minimum $60 will be prorated in 15 minute increments to avoid undue charges to WHN customers.

WHN will routinely perform an inspection of all items at the time they are received for the purpose of identifying any damage that may have been incurred during the return shipping process. Customers will be liable for any additional damages to their unit which may have been incurred during shipping due to inferior packaging.