What is LiveO2?

Live O2


LiveO2 is an Advanced EWOT training system, sort of like EWOT ‘on steroids’. Rather than the user breathing a ‘trickle’ of oxygen when exercising, the LiveO2 system utilizes a reservoir designed to capture and store a greater quantity of oxygen as it is produced by a concentrator. When the reservoir becomes filled, the user dons the full face mask which is attached to the reservoir system and commences to exercise. In this way, a much greater amount of oxygen is able to be taken in, producing far superior effects to traditional EWOT training. Since the effects of training with oxygen are cumulative, the user will get much farther, much faster, using a LiveO2 system than is possible with the limited amount of oxygen that’s available when using traditional EWOT methods. LiveO2 more closely simulates the original OMST protocol that has been successfully researched and employed out of Germany for decades than its American cousin EWOT.