What is the difference between LiveO2 and LiveO2-AC (Adaptive Contrast)?

Our LiveO2 system comes with a new 5 LPM air separator (and one year warranty if shipped within the US) and the cost is $2,295. This system includes everything needed to use the LiveO2 system, including a brand new 5L Airsep Visionaires air separator.

Our LiveO2 AC System (with Adaptive Contrast) comes with a new, modified Airsep Intensity 10 LPM air separator. This reservoir is manufactured with the added feature of a built-in high altitude compartment, in addition to the reservoir that holds the oxygen rich air. While LiveO2 is state of the art in oxygen training, LiveO2 AC delivers about twice the physical response, in the same amount of time. LiveO2 AC leverages increased respiratory turbulence, using a simulated high altitude environment, to entice the body to absorb even more oxygen than the LiveO2 System in a 15 minute session.

Our EWOT to LiveO2 Conversion kit a.k.a. the LiveO2 Resp kit can be used with any air separator with an output of 5LPM or better. This product is for someone who already owns their own air separator and comes with all other components needed to successfully use the LiveO2 System. Please visit whnstore.com to place an order for this product.