What makes your selenium supplement so different from others?

It has been shown that trace amounts of selenium are necessary for cellular functions in many organisms, including all animals and humans. Selenium is an ingredient in many multi-vitamins and other dietary supplements.

Our selenium product, Tsel, is a molecularly bonded fat complex containing selenium, sesame oil, and ‘tung’ oil. The selenium is processed into the ‘tung’ oil, which is actually an eliostearic acid. This oil is the most unsaturated lipid available and the open bonds carry the most selenium possible.

The molecularly fat-bonded nature of this product is one thing that sets our selenium supplement apart from others. Thanks to the work of Emanuel Revici, we have an understanding that only pathogenic cells and red blood cells will bind to a free fatty acid. Revici’s work revealed that when trying to deliver a nutrient to a sick or stressed cell, it is most optimum to attach said nutrient to a fat (lipid). Revici found that fat-bonded selenium targets and arrests the proliferation of unhealthy cells uniquely.Healthy cells will remain unaffected. Tsel is molecularly bonded to the fat in the ‘tung’ oil for optimum carrying and more precise cell targeting.

Our Tsel blend is potent and convenient to use. Tsel has 1mg of selenium per drop and is virtually non-toxic. Our Tsel is recognized as one of the most dose-friendly and effective selenium products available today.

More information on selenium use and protocols can be found at http://library.whnlive.com/Revici

To further investigate the various protocols for using Tsel, see: http://whnlive.com/stress/protocols/revici-selenium/

For safety data regarding tung oil and the usage patent: