Why does air from Live or Extreme O2 sometimes smell like chemicals after I begin exercise?

Users often notice “foul odors” that appear to be coming from the system. These odors often smell like chemical contaminants shortly after the user begins to exercise.

These users are smelling their own breath, as Live O2 enables the body and cells to release a wide range of environmental and metabolic toxins. Exhaled breath often smells of benzene, formic acid (death), propane, fungus, yeast, and the like.

This detoxification process has several steps and often begins very quickly, often within the first minute of use as:

  1. User increases heart rate and rich oxygen reaches the tissue within seconds;
  2. The user’s cells exploit the rich oxygen condition to release stored volatile toxins into the blood;
  3. The blood carries the toxins to the lungs;
  4. The toxins evaporate into the air already in the lungs;
  5. The user exhales the air;
  6. A small amount of exhaled air, 1-2 cubic inches remain in the mask;
  7. The user re-breathes a tiny amount of this toxin contaminated air in the next breath
  8. And smells a small fraction of the toxins exhaled in the last breath;
  9. The user presumes the “toxins” are from the system instead of from their own body because the process happened so quickly.

LiveO2 and ExtremeO2 assure air purity with three different systems:

  1. All air entering the system is filtered through HEPA compliant filters,
  2. Then through zeolite beds with molecular filters so tiny that only oxygen molecules can pass;
  3. Finally, air exiting the surgical grade plastic lined reservoir is filtered by charcoal filters.

This three part system assures the cleanest possible air to the user – many times cleaner than room air. The only possible source of contaminants is the user’s breath.