Air separator warning light stays on or comes on and then won’t go off?


Overdriven air sep­a­ra­tor with ball at com­plete top. The flow should be reduced so the ball indi­ca­tor hov­ers just under the 10.

If the warn­ing light is stay­ing on when you use your air sep­a­ra­tor, your air sep­a­ra­tor ‘flow knob’ set­ting is prob­a­bly over adjust­ed. It only takes about 10 sec­onds to fix this one, but it can take 20–30 min­utes of addi­tion­al time run­ning the air sep­a­ra­tor for the dys­func­tion­al light and/or alarm to reset.


    • Amber Oxygen sen­sor light won’t go off

To Troubleshoot:

      • Dial Flow meter back so ball is rest­ing at 9 1/2, just under the ‘10’ (Or 4 1/2 if a 5L
      • Let unit run for 30 addi­tion­al min­utes to give unit time to reset

Please also check the fol­low­ing oth­er poten­tial issues that could cause the warn­ing light to go on:

        • Air Separator should be plugged into ded­i­cat­ed cir­cuit that is sep­a­rate from oth­er major appli­ances (refrig­er­a­tor, AC, etc)
        • Air Separator should NOT be con­nect­ed to out­let using pow­er strip,surge pro­tec­tor or an exten­sion cord
        • All hoses from Air Separator to Reservoir need to be free from ‘kinks’ or bends so that air may flow freely
        • Air Separator should have a min­i­mum space around the perime­ter so oper­a­tion and air intake will not be impeded
        • Air Separator should be used in a clean envi­ron­ment with even temperatures

*Please note* If you live at a high­er alti­tude and have a refur­bished air sep­a­ra­tor, there is a chance that your air sep­a­ra­tor may be hav­ing issues per­form­ing opti­mal­ly at a high­er alti­tude. If this is the case, you may con­tact us to inquire about ser­vice options.

This 1 minute video shows how to trou­bleshoot and cor­rect for the prob­lem of the flow knob being ‘over­ad­just­ed’.