My LiveO2 Reservoir won’t fill. Do I need to have the cork stopper plugged in while filling the reservoir?

Yes. The stop­per holds the oxy­gen con­cen­trat­ed air in the reser­voir when fill­ing it pri­or to use. Due to the design para­me­ters of the reser­voir, air will flow out much faster than your con­cen­tra­tor is able to fill if the cork is not in place to stop the oxy­gen from exit­ing the reser­voir. The first place to look if your reser­voir is not fill­ing ful­ly is to check the cork stop­per. Additionally, when not in use or dur­ing trans­port, we rec­om­mend using the stop­per cork to pre­vent unknown items or dust from enter­ing the reservoir.