Do I need to wash the high volume breathing hose?

The high vol­ume breath­ing hose can be washed as need­ed, although there is real­ly not a need to fre­quent­ly wash this hose if the sys­tem is being used prop­er­ly. Below is a sim­ple wash­ing pro­ce­dure for the high vol­ume hose.

1. Wash tub­ing in warm, soapy water. DO NOT put in wash­ing machine.

2. Disinfect tub­ing in an organ­ic solu­tion of one part white vine­gar and 4 parts water. Allow all parts to sit in the solu­tion for approx­i­mate­ly 30 – 45 min­utes.

3. Rinse all parts well with warm water and allow to air dry.