Does my Air Separator need to have a certain PSI capacity to work with your LiveO2 system(s)?

The answer here is NO. Typically oxy­gen air sep­a­ra­tors are defined by two mea­sures: How many liters per minute (LPM) they can sup­ply and a pres­sure they can obtain (PSI). For LiveO2 the only rel­e­vant mea­sure­ment that con­cerns our use is the LPM val­ue. In oth­er words, how fast can you fill the reser­voir (3 LPM about 3 hours, 5 LPM about 2 hours, 10 LPM about 1 hour and 12 LPM about 45 min­utes). Typically air sep­a­ra­tors will have at least a 5 PSI pres­sure capa­bil­i­ty. Without this capa­bil­i­ty they would not be able to push air through a tube. With LiveO2, since the reser­voir is not pres­sur­ized, we are not con­cerned about a high­er PSI capa­bil­i­ty con­cern­ing air sep­a­ra­tors. The min­i­mum PSI val­ue in an air sep­a­ra­tor is more than ample to inflate the LiveO2 reser­voir. If you had to choose between a larg­er LPM out­put and a high­er PSI capa­bil­i­ty for our pur­pos­es the high­er LPM out­put is much more rel­e­vant.