How should I hang the Live O2 (O2-AC) Reservoir?

We rec­om­mend one of the fol­low­ing two ways to hang the LiveO2 and LiveO2-AC reser­voirs in your home.

1. Hang the reser­voir ver­ti­cal­ly on a wall using the adhe­sive wall hooks pro­vid­ed (or use any alter­nate hard­ware desired) using the plas­tic D‑rings attached to the tabs at the top end of the reservoir.

  • If uti­liz­ing this method with the Command hooks pro­vid­ed, please wipe the area of the wall where you will be attach­ing the hooks with a cot­ton swab sat­u­rat­ed with iso­propyl alco­hol or a wet wash­cloth to remove any dust that might com­pro­mise the adhe­sive hook’s longterm abil­i­ty to stay fas­tened to the wall. Let dry thor­ough­ly before attach­ing the hooks. This will enable you to make a sol­id attach­ment with the hooks pro­vid­ed. If you use nails or met­al hooks that you pur­chase your­self, this is not necessary.

2. Purchase a reser­voir frame from us. This frame stands on its own and can be moved.

*If nei­ther of these rec­om­mend­ed meth­ods work for you, you may decide to ‘get cre­ative’,  but please note that we can not guar­an­tee the oper­a­tion of your prod­uct if used in a way that is not rec­om­mend­ed, nor can we war­ran­ty your prod­uct if any dam­age occurs to the unit when used out­side of our guide­lines. A few items to note:

  • Take care not to punc­ture the reser­voir. It is designed to con­tain the oxy­gen and any holes poked through the bag would dam­age the reser­voir’s abil­i­ty to do this.
  • The breather hose attach­ment valve must be locat­ed on a lat­er­al side or the bot­tom of the reser­voir (if you choose to hang it sideways).