How do I make my LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast system quieter? (orange muffler installation)

We have cus­tomized a solu­tion to sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce the noise of the LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast sys­tem. This solu­tion may apply to the Navy Blue ExtremeO2 reser­voirs as well as the Navy Blue LiveO2 AC reser­voirs. The solu­tion is one sim­ple piece, which attach­es to the end of the high alti­tude hose locat­ed inside the high alti­tude sec­tion (low oxy­gen side) of the reser­voir.

Step One:

Hold the cor­ner of the reser­voir and the high alti­tude oxy­gen feed hose in one hand.

Step Two:

Using your oth­er hand, access the end of the hose inside the reser­voir, through the 3″ port (along the bot­tom seam of the reser­voir on the high alti­tude side).

Step Three:

With access to the open end of the high alti­tude hose, install the muf­fler direct­ly into hose. The includ­ed adap­tor will be need­ed to fit a small­er inner-diam­e­ter hose than the one shown in the pic­tures.

Step Four:

Finish by return­ing the high alti­tude hose com­plete­ly back inside the high alti­tude reser­voir with the muf­fler secure­ly attached.

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