How do I set up the Live O2 (O2-AC) reservoir frame?

The reser­voir frame can be thought of in three pieces: the two legs and the crossbar.

The two legs are tripods at one end with a sin­gle ver­ti­cal exten­sion piece at the oth­er. To achieve your desired height, the legs can be adjust­ed in the tri­pod itself, as well as two loca­tions on the ver­ti­cal exten­sion piece.

The cross­bar comes in two pieces which you will need to con­nect with each oth­er in the center.

Attach the cross­bar to the legs using the met­al wing nut and bolt at the top of each leg. Here there will be a wing nut, a bolt, and two met­al wash­ers on the top of each leg. Place the lat­er­al cross­bar holes onto the bolts at the top of the legs with a met­al wash­er on either side and tight­en togeth­er with the wing nut.

Attach the reser­voir to the cor­ners of your now assem­bled frame with the D‑rings on the reser­voir and the S‑hooks that are includ­ed. Use your LiveO2 or LiveO2-AC sys­tem. Enjoy!