How does the mask attach to the breather hose?

Old Mask coupling has a white insert into the mask.

New Mask cou­pling has a white insert into the mask.

The con­nec­tion assem­bly between the mask and the hose may vary depend­ing on the mask that you have.  Some of our new­er masks have a white plas­tic cou­pling that fits between the mask and the hose. (right)

Some of our old­er masks have a reduced mask port that was designed for the breather hose to direct­ly fit inside the hose. Here is how the old cou­pling assem­bly looks. Note the absence of the white splice piece. (below)

If you have a mask that does not require a cou­pling, it should slide on to the breather hose direct­ly with lit­tle effort. If you are unable to cou­ple the mask eas­i­ly with the breather hose, then it is like­ly that your mask requires a cou­pling that should have been pro­vid­ed with your mask assem­bly.

New mask coupling. The size of the mask nozzle is smaller so the hose fits directly over it.

Old mask cou­pling. The size of the mask noz­zle is small­er so the hose fits direct­ly over it.