How is air filtered in your systems and what is the required maintenance for my Air Separator?

For the 5L AirSep (air sep­a­ra­tor), there is no main­te­nance sched­ule. These units do not have the ‘hepa’ fil­ter that many sep­a­ra­tors uti­lize and need to be cleaned on a reg­u­lar basis. Our 5L AirSep units require noth­ing to be removed or changed; they are main­te­nance free and the tech­nol­o­gy of the unit has been cre­at­ed to be self-cleaning.

For the mod­i­fied 10L AirSep, there is an exter­nal fil­ter that requires main­te­nance. There is a foam like fil­ter on the back of the 10L AirSep units. Remove this fil­ter and wash in warm water with mild soap. Allow fil­ter to dry com­plete­ly in the open air. Replace in AirSep unit before use. AirSep rec­om­mends clean­ing the fil­ter month­ly. Depending on your house­hold liv­ing con­di­tions (pets, smok­ers, dust, etc) you may choose to clean your fil­ter more often.