How is LiveO2 AC different or better than Live O2?

The dif­fer­ence between using the LiveO2 AC vs the LiveO2 boils down to being able to get your heart rate up enough to give the extra burst of pow­er for the oxy­gen to go deep­er and pen­e­trate/re-oxy­genate the body more deeply and effi­cient­ly. When you are sim­ply using LiveO2, it has tremen­dous ben­e­fi­cial effects, but it is lim­it­ed in its effect in that exer­cis­ing in the con­sis­tent­ly oxy­gen rich envi­ron­ment of the LiveO2, it is more chal­leng­ing to get your heart rate up to the point where you are able to take the oxy­gen most deeply into your sys­tem.

For a per­son who is not at peak health, the LiveO2 may be the ide­al sys­tem as it allows the per­son the ben­e­fits of EWOT and may be about the max­i­mum some­one could han­dle in a com­pro­mised state. For a per­son who is active and healthy, the abil­i­ty to get your heart rate high­er in the oxy­gen deprived high alti­tude envi­ron­ment gives the body the abil­i­ty to take in the rich oxy­gen more deeply when alter­nat­ing between the Adaptive Contrast mode and then back to the LiveO2 mode. Your body, when in the AC mode, is put into an ide­al phys­i­o­log­i­cal state to then use each mol­e­cule of oxy­gen it takes in more deeply and most effi­cient­ly when it is again flood­ed with oxy­gen-rich air.