How long should an Air Separator last?

Most air sep­a­ra­tors are designed for, and are capa­ble of,  run­ning 24/7 for years.

In nor­mal duty an air sep­a­ra­tor will run for a large por­tion to the day (at least half ). Part of the stan­dard man­u­fac­tures war­ran­ty for NEW air sep­a­ra­tors includes any need­ed repairs up to 30,000 hours.  Assuming 30,000 hours is a rea­son­able trou­ble free lifes­pan this equates to almost three and a half years of con­tin­u­ous run time or 7 years of nor­mal ser­vice.  When used for LiveO2, LiveO2 AC and ExtremeO2 sys­tems, the air sep­a­ra­tor typ­i­cal­ly runs for a few hours each ses­sion in which case the lifes­pan is much greater.

With a two hour per ses­sion run time on a refur­bished 5 LPM air sep­a­ra­tor and a min­i­mal­ly esti­mat­ed lifes­pan of 8,000 hours. The refur­bished unit would pro­vide oxy­gen for about 4,000 LiveO2 ses­sions, or in oth­er words more than 10 years of dai­ly LiveO2 sessions.

*It is impor­tant not to over­drive your air sep­a­ra­tor. For spe­cif­ic instruc­tions on how to set your oxy­gen flow rate meter, fol­low this link: