How often should I use my system?

Your sys­tem may be used every day, sev­er­al times a week, or as often as you desire. The results are cumu­la­tive, so the more often you use it the faster you can expect to reach your per­son­al goal.

Remember to always con­sult your physi­cian before begin­ning this or any exer­cise pro­gram to deter­mine specif­i­cal­ly what is the best course for you and your body to achieve opti­mum results.

In the begin­ning, many users choose to use the sys­tem twice dai­ly, in the morn­ing and evening.

Users who exer­cise more “vig­or­ous­ly” achieve bet­ter results. The sys­tem works by com­bin­ing rich oxy­gen in the lungs with a high heart rate to bet­ter sat­u­rate blood plas­ma and then push the plas­ma through tis­sues.