How to re-seat the front panel on a 10L air separator

Sometimes the pan­els of the 10L air sep­a­ra­tor will arrive slight­ly dis­lodged from their prop­er posi­tion due to vibra­tion dur­ing shipping.

If your 10L air sep­a­ra­tor arrives with the front pan­el askew, the fol­low­ing instruc­tions will guide you to rein­sert it correctly.

  1. Remove the side pan­els using either a flat­head screw­driv­er or a coin. Note that the pan­els are secured with quar­ter-turn fas­ten­ers which require only a ¼ of a turn. Do not force!
  2. Re-Insert the front pan­el. Bend the front pan­el slight­ly if nec­es­sary to rein­sert it into the tracks it was designed to be seat­ed in.
  3. Replace both side pan­els. Before tight­en­ing, be sure they are lined up with the inner grooves at the base of insertion.
  4. Tighten side pan­els using the quar­ter-turn fasteners.
  • 10L AirSep with Dislodged Front Panel

  • Turn the side pan­el mount­ing screws 1/4 turn. Do not use force!

  • Remove the side pan­els on both sides.

  • With the side pan­els removed, the front pan­el can now be removed and re-seated.

  • Some pres­sure may be required to re-seat the front panel.

  • Replace the side pan­els and tight­en the 1/4‑turn screws.