How to reattach the breather hose?

Here is how to reat­tach the breather hose.  We uti­lize an over-sized cou­pling for the breather hose con­nec­tion. The con­nec­tion is over­sized for two reasons:

  1. The large diam­e­ter of the out­let min­i­mizes the air-flow resis­tance to the exer­cis­ing user;
  2. The over­sized con­nec­tion cre­ates a very secure attach­ment which does not come loose with an exer­cis­ing user.
The attachment is oversized to maximize airflow and to create a very secure friction fitting.

The attach­ment is over­sized to max­i­mize air­flow and to cre­ate a very secure fric­tion fitting.

Rubber attachment stretches over the fitting and penetrates over 1/2 inch for a secure attachment.

Rubber attach­ment stretch­es over the fit­ting and pen­e­trates over 1/2 inch for a secure attachment.

The breather hose attach­ment has an over­sized diameter.

The large diam­e­ter pre­vents acci­den­tal detachment.

It does make it a bit more dif­fi­cult to re-attach the breather hose.

All prod­ucts use the same sized coupler.

Attachment Instructions:

  1. Moisten inte­ri­or of breather hose sleeve with water.
  2. Firmly grip the valve hous­ing and the hose
  3. Twist and press the hose onto the fit­ting until secure and ful­ly seated.

Here is a video of the method: