How to troubleshoot cannot desaturate

Some cus­tomers have issues desat­u­rat­ing with the sys­tem.  This is a bit tricky because there are sev­er­al pos­si­ble issues includ­ing the cus­tomers phys­i­ol­o­gy.  This process checks for every pos­si­ble sys­tem failure.

Here is the flow to deter­mine whether dif­fi­cul­ty with desat­u­ra­tion is a sys­tem issue a phys­i­ol­o­gy issue with the user.

  1. Does the valve latch into posi­tion when switch­ing from +O2 to ‑O2.  The latch assures that the air sup­ply is draw­ing from the ‑O2 com­part­ment and that the switch pos­i­tive­ly latched.  If the latch does not “lock” into posi­tion con­tact cus­tomer ser­vice.  There is an audi­ble pos­i­tive latch which pulls the hand­set into position.
  2. Check the Float Ball Position to 10L.  It should be adjust­ed to 10L.  It should be adjust­ed at 10L and not pegged at the top, or below 10L for max­i­mum effi­cien­cy.  Below removes less oxy­gen from the air and results in a high­er con­cen­tra­tion  in the ‑O2 air.  Above over­drives the air sep­a­ra­tion process and like­wise results in a high­er oxy­gen con­cen­tra­tion in the ‑O2 air.
  3. Check the amber light.  It should go off after 10 min­utes.   If the air sep­a­ra­tor is not work­ing prop­er­ly it will fail to remove oxy­gen from the ‑O2 air.  The oxy­gen con­cen­tra­tion in the ‑O2 air be high, and the oxy­gen con­cen­tra­tion +O2 air will be low.  If the amber light is remains on more than 10 min­utes con­tact cus­tomer ser­vice.
  4. If you are still hav­ing prob­lems dis­con­nect the breather hose and insert it into the over­flow release port.  This iso­lates the air sup­ply to only ‑O2 bypass­ing the oxy­gen reser­voir and valve.   Exercise breath­ing this air.   If you suc­ceed desat­u­rate with this con­fig­u­ra­tion please con­tact cus­tomer ser­vice.
  5. If you are unable to desat­u­rate breath­ing this air mix­ture then the issue relates to your physiology.