I can’t feel the oxygen coming out of the mask/hose

Often peo­ple who use LiveO2 or LiveO2 AC for the first time expect to feel a rush of air com­ing into their mask and are sur­prised to learn this is not the case. The LiveO2 is not a ‘pres­sur­ized’ sys­tem and there­fore the air needs to be active­ly drawn in by the user dur­ing use of the sys­tem. By design, the effects of the LiveO2 sys­tem are max­i­mized when the user nat­u­ral­ly strength­ens the inspi­ra­to­ry mus­cles of the lungs while active­ly draw­ing in breath dur­ing exercise.

**Note: LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC sys­tems are strict­ly designed for a max­i­mum 15 minute ses­sion. Live O2 sys­tems are not intend­ed for use beyond 15 min­utes in one sin­gle session.