I live in Europe. Can I use a step-down transformer with my air separator?

The United States uses 120 Volts, 60 Hz elec­tri­cal pow­er. Canada and Mexico use this same pow­er scheme. Other coun­tries around the world typ­i­cal­ly use a 230 Volt, 50 Hz pow­er for­mat.

While it is pos­si­ble to use a step-down trans­former to con­vert the 230 Volt AC pow­er in places like Europe or Australia to 120 Volt AC pow­er, it is not as easy to con­vert the 50 Hz fre­quen­cy to 60 Hz for use with appli­ances built for the US pow­er grid.

The LiveO2 air sep­a­ra­tor uses motors and trans­form­ers which are specif­i­cal­ly designed for the 60 Hz US mar­ket unless the unit has been specif­i­cal­ly built for inter­na­tion­al pow­er stan­dards. The unit will oper­ate on the 230 Volt, 50 Hz pow­er stepped down to 120 Volt, 50 Hz pow­er, but com­po­nents will run hot­ter than nor­mal; they will not run at peak effi­cien­cy and there­fore the war­ran­ty for the air sep­a­ra­tor unit will be void.

Therefore, it is the offi­cial pol­i­cy of Whole Health Network with respect to our LiveO2 and LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast prod­ucts to rec­om­mend that only the pow­er-appro­pri­ate units be sourced and shipped to inter­na­tion­al mar­kets so that this high qual­i­ty device will oper­ate at peak effi­cien­cy and pro­vide long ser­vice life.