I live outside the US; should I purchase my Air Separator through WHN when I order my system or look for it locally?

WHN pro­vides an option to spe­cial order the Air Separator that is used with the LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC sys­tems direct­ly from the man­u­fac­tur­er so it will come with the cor­rect volt­age plug designed for your local region. The cost is an addi­tion­al $200 for our inter­na­tion­al sys­tems but this assures that your Air Separator will work opti­mal­ly with local volt­age requirements.

Purchasing our total sys­tems includ­ing the con­cen­tra­tor may be more cost-effec­tive than buy­ing local­ly even with the increased ship­ping charges. However, WHN is not able to cov­er ship­ping for war­ran­ty issues with Air Separators that are shipped out­side of the con­ti­nen­tal US. To con­sid­er what is the best option for you per­son­al­ly, it is pos­si­ble you can get an Air sep­a­ra­tor pur­chased through WHN ser­viced local­ly at your own expense, but you would need to look into it to see if that is indeed a viable option.