I’d like to become a reseller, do you have a partnering program?

Yes we do. At WHN we gen­er­al­ly work with resellers who have an estab­lished and relat­ed mar­ket to pro­mote to, with a sales chan­nel already in place. Preferred resellers have a web­site and most often an appro­pri­ate audi­ence in place to mar­ket to. There are some occa­sions when a poten­tial reseller does not have the qual­i­fi­ca­tions ref­er­enced above but has an oth­er­wise unique cir­cum­stance that makes the reseller rela­tion­ship a good prob­a­ble fit. WHN invites those who feel they would be a good can­di­date to become a reseller to begin by tak­ing the WHN Partner Survey. A WHN rep­re­sen­ta­tive will con­tact you after we have had a suf­fi­cient chance to review your sub­mis­sion.

Please start with the Partner Survey and we will deter­mine what affil­i­at­ed pro­gram would be a best fit.