It doesn’t feel like I am getting any oxygen and I’ve tried using it with and without the compressor on. What am I doing wrong?

Setting the cor­rect expec­ta­tion by under­stand­ing the full spec­trum of ben­e­fits deliv­ered via LiveO2:

Some new users expect that the LiveO2 or LiveO2 AC sys­tem will force­ful­ly deliv­er a dis­cernible oxy­gen stream to the user through the mask. Not so. By design, one of the ben­e­fits of using the LiveO2 sys­tem is the strength­en­ing of the inter­costal and relat­ed lung mus­cles used to active­ly ‘draw’ the oxy­gen-rich air from the reser­voir dur­ing use. Understanding this ben­e­fit is key to hav­ing the prop­er expec­ta­tion of what the expe­ri­ence will be like when using LiveO2 and LiveO2 AC.

Troubleshooting Checklist: If you feel you aren’t able to breathe eas­i­ly when the sys­tem:

  • Make sure all hoses and con­nec­tions are intact.
  • Make sure the reser­voir has been filled prop­er­ly.
  • Make sure your inflow and out­flow (green or opaque) rub­ber ‘check valves’ on your mask are in prop­er place. Meaning, the one that is on top should be posi­tioned to eas­i­ly open and pull in when you breathe, allow­ing you to take oxy­gen in through the cor­ru­gat­ed breather hose from the reser­voir. The bot­tom one should be posi­tioned to eas­i­ly go out when you exhale, allow­ing you to expel the air into the room when you breathe out. If one of them is ‘hung up’ on the plas­tic retain­ers that keep them in place, that could obstruct air flow. To test this, put the mask on and try breath­ing through it at rest while the mask is detached from all hoses etc.
  • Make sure you can draw through the cor­ru­gat­ed ‘breather hose’ that extends from the reser­voir when you put your mouth direct­ly to it. Try this when the reser­voir is full.
  • Make sure your ‘switch’ is set to ‘O2+’ when you are using the machine in ‘Live’ mode as this allows you to draw the rich oxy­gen from the larg­er part of the reser­voir, as opposed to the ‘-O2’ set­ting which puts you in a sim­u­lat­ed high alti­tude state which reduces the oxy­gen par­tial pres­sure of your air for a spe­cif­ic peri­od of time dur­ing your train­ing, and for the sprints dur­ing your pro­to­cols. If none of the above is the issue, please review the fol­low­ing post :‑feel-difficulty-breathing-with-liveo2-or-extremeo2-when-i-first-begin-is-this-normal/