Mask assembly cleaning protocol

Clean your equip­ment to pre­vent infec­tion, each time it is used:

  • Wash mask and strap with dish wash­ing liq­uid deter­gent and warm water.
  • Rinse mask and strap well with warm run­ning water.
  • Mix up a white vine­gar solu­tion using 1 part white vine­gar and 3 parts dis­tilled water. 
    • For exam­ple, mix 1 cup of white vine­gar with 3 cups of water in a container.
  • You can store any extra white vine­gar solu­tion in a tight­ly sealed con­tain­er in your refrig­er­a­tor and use it for up to one week.
  • Soak the pre-washed parts in white vine­gar solu­tion for 30 to 40 min­utes. All parts should be com­plete­ly cov­ered by the solu­tion while soaking.
  • Rinse the parts well with warm run­ning water.
  • Place the parts on clean paper tow­els to air dry. Cover light­ly with a clean paper tow­el and let dry.

Return the mask and strap to mesh bag for stor­age until next use.


Breather hose can also be cleaned in the same fashion.

Mesh bag and neo­prene strap should also be hand washed as needed.