My Air Separator just started making a sound like something has come loose and is rattling. What should l do?

This is rare, but com­mon enough to answer this ques­tion in the FAQs. Usually the fil­ter inside the air sep­a­ra­tor has come loose and is rat­tling each time the machine is turned on. The fix is sim­ple. Open the hatch (usu­al­ly on the back of the air sep­a­ra­tor ) and look to see if the fil­ter has come unplugged. If it has, the solu­tion is to firm­ly plug it back in. Check to see if you have fixed the noise by turn­ing your air sep­a­ra­tor back on. If the noise is gone the prob­lem is solved and noth­ing is wrong with your air sep­a­ra­tor. When check­ing your fil­ter use, you can also pre­emp­tive­ly make sure the fil­ter is snug­ly seat­ed on the intake and it will pre­vent this prob­lem all togeth­er. If the noise still per­sists beyond nor­mal or appears to be get­ting worse please give us a call.

*Note: Since the 5L AirSep Visionaire does not require any main­te­nance and there­fore the fil­ter is not acces­si­ble from a pan­el, this does not apply to the AirSep Visionaire 5L Air Separator.