My system fills up very quickly — is that good?

Click Here for13754320_s instruc­tions on how to adjust the slide gate.

My LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast sys­tem filled in about 30 min­utes when the man­u­al says it should fill in about an hour.

This occurs when the slide valve is mis­aligned. Note that the pan­el does not cov­er the hole:

Slide valve does not cover oxygen port. Cable is relaxed.

Slide valve does not cov­er oxy­gen port. Cable is relaxed.

The gap over the hole on the left allows low oxy­gen air to enter the high oxy­gen com­part­ment when the High Altitude com­part­ment pres­sur­izes. This reduces the con­cen­tra­tion of oxy­gen in the com­part­ment, and  caus­es the oxy­gen side to fill more quick­ly.

If this occurs, don’t wor­ry. The prob­lem is easy to fix, and tests show sys­tems that had this issue still worked very well.  Users nev­er even notice a reduced response because they still are exer­cis­ing with only 30–50 Liters per minute of oxy­gen instead of 75+.

This can also occur when the cable is pulled too hard.

*It is impor­tant not to over­drive your air sep­a­ra­tor. For spe­cif­ic instruc­tions on set­ting your oxy­gen sep­a­ra­tor’s flow rate meter, fol­low this link:

Air sep­a­ra­tor warn­ing light stays on or comes on and then won’t go off?