Proper care and usage of your air separator for optimum results

Establish the ide­al air sep­a­ra­tor environment:

  • Place in a clean envi­ron­ment — no fumes, dust/dirt (not in a garage)
  • Make sure the envi­ron­ment is dry — use in low­est humid­i­ty possible
  • A mod­er­ate tem­per­a­ture is ide­al — not too hot or too cold
  • Plug air sep­a­ra­tor direct­ly into the wall out­let (do not use pow­er strip or exten­sion cord). This will neg­a­tive­ly affect your system.

Set Proper Flow Rate:

  • For prop­er use of he air sep­a­ra­tor, it is impor­tant that the flow rate is set to the cor­rect capac­i­ty (‘5’ for a 5LPM sep­a­ra­tor and ‘10’ for a 10LPM sep­a­ra­tor). Having the flow meter set above or below the cor­rect set­ting com­pro­mis­es the air pro­duc­tion capac­i­ty of the machine. Be sure to set your flow rate meter exact­ly at the cor­rect flow rate num­ber for your sep­a­ra­tor mod­el for opti­mum use.
  • How to set the prop­er flow meter rate: 
    • Adjust the flow meter knob so that the top of the ball rests at either ‘5’ or ‘10’, depend­ing on the capac­i­ty of the sep­a­ra­tor that you are using.
    • Allow the sep­a­ra­tor to run for 20–30 min­utes. Any alarms or low O2 lights should be normal/not engaged at this point.
    • When the sep­a­ra­tor has for equi­lib­ri­um, with the top of the out­put ball float­ing at exact­ly the cor­rect out­put num­ber, you may resume use.


  • Humidifier — Do Not Use a humid­i­fi­er with your LiveO2 system

  • Clean your filters